PN1 - Designers Open Call

PAVILION NORDICO is happy to announce PN1 the first major design collaboration between the Nordic region and Argentina in this century.  The project will take place in Buenos Aires and the Nordic region in 2020-21. In early 2019 during the first edition of PAVILION NORDICO in Buenos Aires, resident and designer Bettina Nelson (DK/SE) designed and developed a chair in collaboration with local design and crafts studios. The collaboration inspired the becoming of the PN1 project.

Unbeknownst to many, Argentine and Nordic design partnership has a long history: In 1920, department store Nordiska Kompaniet opened its’ doors in Buenos Aires and from the 1950s to 1970s, Nordic furniture companies were producing, exhibiting and selling in Argentina.

As part of the PN1 project, we are now launching an open call, targeting up-and-coming designers in the Nordic region. We offer up to five designers the opportunity to work in close collaboration with local crafts and design studios for 4 to 8 weeks in 2020. Based on their proposals, the project team will pair each Nordic designer with a suitable Argentine craft or design studio. Each of the five designers will develop a design object in close collaboration with their local counterparts. During this process, the designers and craftspeople will have the chance to exchange knowledge, skill sets and methodology. The outcome of the collaboration will, among others, be exhibited at much-praised design space Quick Tiny Shows in Buenos Aires. 

The project will conclude with a catalogue presentation in the Nordic region. The catalogue is written and edited by Wallpaper and Monocle contributor Vanessa Bell. In addition to the main events and exhibitions, a series of public events will take place in Buenos Aires and the Nordic region.

PN1 is developed in close partnership with Ries and Sur Del Cruz of Buenos Aires as well as nomadic design space Quick Tiny Shows. 


PAVILION NORDICO is a Nordic residency & art centre located in Buenos Aires, Argentina that opened its doors in early 2019. The project awards up to 10 creators with a one-month residency in a historical villa in the heart of the city, where they have a chance to work on individual projects and connect with local art and culture. In addition, a public program of exhibitions, talks and workshops held in the Nordic region, Europe and Argentina brings together Nordic creators with local and international talent. PAVILION NORDICO is developed by a growing network of Nordic and international art professionals. 

PAVILION NORDICO is supported by The Nordic Culture Fund and The Nordics.


Date: (10.10.2019)
Time: 24:00

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Blegdamsvej 6, 2200 København