Call for Presentations - Dig where you stand – methods and perspectives on investigating the local

Date: 01.30.2022



Dig where you stand – methods and perspectives on investigating the local


The conference Dig where you stand focuses on artistic, curatorial and theoretical methods and perspectives on investigating “the local”. The organizers now welcome presentations in a variety of formats, from academic papers to artistic contributions.

Malmö Art Museum & Ystad Art Museum
Conference date April 28 – 29 2022
Abstract due: January 30, 2022

About the conference

Dig where you stand is a two-day conference in Malmö and Ystad, Sweden. The conference aims to highlight artistic, curatorial and theoretical methods and perspectives that engage with or respond to the concept of ‘the local’. The local This notion can be understood as a specific place or context, embedded with layers of social, cultural and historical narratives. How can art contribute to new knowledge and generate new interpretations about the local past, present and/or future? Through a multitude of perspectives, we hope to explore the relevance of “the local” in a global context and to collectively discuss and rethink those notions. The title of the conference derives from the expression “dig where you stand”, references the Swedish author Sven Lindqvist’s book “Gräv där du står” (Dig where you stand) from 1978 as well as the public history and educational movement that followed its publication, which promoted public participation and workers’ researching their own history. 

Call for presentations

The conference will take place over two days at Malmö Konstmuseum and Ystads konstmuseum. We welcome presentations in a variety of formats: academic papers, presentations of artistic and curatorial methods or research, performances, readings and other artistic contributions. Presentations of approximately 20 minutes are requested. Presentations will primarily be held in English and in person, however digital presentations and Swedish presentations will also be considered. Please submit an abstract of 250-300 words describing the format and content of your presentation and its relevance in relation to a specific local context, as well as a biography of 150 words by January 30, 2022. Admitted presentations will be compensated with 3000 SEK.

In case of restrictions due to covid19, the conference will be held online.

Please direct questions and submissions to

Suggested themes:

  • belonging
  • collecting and collections
  • counter narratives and micro histories
  • decolonial methods and perspectives
  • geological perspectives 
  • biopolitics
  • climate change and/or environmental localities
  • other

The conference is realized as part of Den platta jorden- network for artistic research of Scania that is organized by Malmö Art Museum, Ystad Art Museum, Röstånga konsthall, Åstorp konsthall and Tjörnedala konsthall. The network’s primary focus is on investigating the preservation of memory and archival practices on specific sites in the region of Scanie. During 2020-2021, the residency program “In search of Scanie” was conducted, whereby artists were invited to do artistic research in the region. The perspectives and insights from each residency will be presented and discussed during the conference alongside accepted presentations.

Julia Björnberg, Curator, Ystads konstmuseum
Anna Johansson, Curator, Malmö Konstmuseum

The conference is part of Den platta jorden –  network for artistic research of Scania funded by Region Skåne and Swedish Arts Council. For more information see:

Date: (01.30.2022)