Post Design Festival 2019 - Opening Night

Date: 10.24.2019
Time: 18.00-22.00

Alexis Mark will collaborate with the participants of the workshop to investigate and present speculative radical scenarios for the future of communications services. The results will be integrated into a physical installation at this year’s POST Festival.

Our means of communication have undergone a radical change in the past century and with the influx of digital technology the volatile flow of information, data and objects have become second nature. Historically we have witnessed totalitarian regimes monitoring communication by opening letters and tracking who has been communicating with whom in order to control their population.

Today it is the multinational companies who have access to all of our information and who decide the labour conditions of the workers packaging and sending our shipments. But how does this affect fundamental aspects of communication such as privacy, authenticity, censorship and the language we use to communicate?

Come join Marie Grønbæk and Kristoffer Li of Copenhagen studio Alexis Mark to explore the future of communication services and the role of design within them!

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POST is a non-profit, openly critical and collaborative design festival that challenges the place of graphic design, digital design and illustration practice in society during a series of talks and workshops in October 2019.

Addressing issues such as the ethics of design, the politics of image-making and the unknowns of the creative future, POST offers a unique opportunity to explore, question and re-imagine the purpose of the graphic arts.


Date: (10.24.2019)
Time: 18.00-22.00

Country: 1060
(Enigma) Øster Allé 1,
2100 København